Sacramento Protest of Nestlé Water Theft

22 Apr

As California suffers record drought, activists recently organized resistance to corporate water theft from the humans and non-humans who depend on it in this area. This protest cuts past the paradigm of blaming ourselves as individual “consumers”, instead placing the focus on those who actually control the vast majority of the resources. Until we stop […]

Repair, Restore, Rejoin with the Dry Creek Conservatory

27 Mar

The week of April 6-13th has been designated “creek week” and is a time to focus on repairing the many fragile riparian ecosystems that dot the Central Valley. Getting out into the local, natural world and learning its way is an important part of learning how best to defend it. Placer County’s Dry Creek Coneservatory […]

Time is Short: The Bolt Weevils and the Simplicity of Sabotage

7 Mar

                                   By Alex Rose / Deep Green Resistance Redwood Coast Resistance against exploitation is nothing new. History is full of examples of people—perfectly ordinary people—fighting back against injustice, exploitation, and the destruction of their lands and communities. They move through whatever channels for action are open to them, but often, left with no legal or […]

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Unregulated Fracking in California

27 Feb

by the Center for Biological Diversity SAN FRANCISCO— The Center for Biological Diversity went to court today to compel California regulators to enforce an existing state law that should protect people and the environment from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a rapidly spreading new method of oil and gas extraction. The lawsuit filed this morning in […]

Willits Tree Sit to Stop CalTrans Is Still On!

27 Feb

(From EarthFirst  Newswire) Warbler, the 24-year-old Willits farmer perched 70’ high in a Ponderosa pine that stands in the way of Caltrans’ Willits Bypass, has just reached her fourth week aloft, weathering rain and snow and becoming the focal point for a growing campaign to stop Caltrans’ massive highway project. A kindergarten class from the […]