Willits Tree Sit to Stop CalTrans Is Still On!

27 Feb

(From EarthFirst  Newswire)

Warbler, the 24-year-old Willits farmer perched 70’ high in a Ponderosa pine that stands in the way of Caltrans’ Willits Bypass, has just reached her fourth week aloft, weathering rain and snow and becoming the focal point for a growing campaign to stop Caltrans’ massive highway project.

A kindergarten class from the Tree of Life Montessori School in Ukiah visited the tree sit last week, helping build the next generation of resisters. One youngster asking a Caltrans official, “Don’t you know trees have feelings too?”

Despite the cramped quarters of her 4×8 platform and constant noise of nearby highway, Warbler maintains a cheerful equanimity. “I’m staying up here until Caltrans’ drops their expensive plan to wreck the Little Lake Valley. We have a plan to solve Willits’ traffic problems that does not drain the wetlands, cut the trees or bulldoze the hillsides.” said Warbler. The tree sit began on Jan. 28.

I’m sure Warbler could use some material support, so get out there and lend a hand!

And be sure to check out this video compilation showing some of the destruction and grassroots resistance going on out there in Willits, California. Get out there and help if you can.

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